Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Never Stop Chasing" --Andy G.

The storm chasing community lost one of the greats on February 4, 2012.  Andy Gabrielson was struck by a wrong way driver on I-44 near Sapulpa, OK.  Andy was a young and very passionate chaser that revolutionized the way many chase and the footage that is now seen on T.V.  He was fearless, tireless, and compassionate.  He was a guy that would stop and talk to anyone if he knew you shared the common interest in storm chasing.  He was envied for his success and and enamored by his followers on social media.  Andy lived for documenting weather and entertaining others.  I wish I had the opportunity to spend some time with him, but unfortunately we only had a few brief encounters in the field.  I really feel for those in the chasing community that I know that were close to him.  Dick McGowan, Reed Timmer, Joel Taylor, Scott Bennett, Brandon Sullivan, Mike Scantlin, Tyler Constatini, Michael Ratliff, and many others.  My thoughts are with you guys and I hope to hear more great things about Andy from you in the future.

I thought the most fitting way to honor Andy would be to list a few of my favorites from his collection.  Andy had an amazing collection.  In his short time he probably forgot about more tornadoes that he saw than I will ever see.  There are no official "stats" on chasing, but his 2010 season would have to be the "Joe Dimaggio hit streak" of our hobby.  Not only did he log an incredible amount of tornadoes this season, he was up close and waiting on them when they happened.  Without more of my words, here are my personal favorites from Andy in no particular order:

Philadelphia, MS.  April 27, 2011

Campo, CO.  May 31, 2010

Mapleton, IA.  April 9, 2011

Minnesota Tornado.  August 7, 2010

Shell City, MO.  June 10, 2009

Perry, KS.  April 3, 2011

Hammon, OK.  March 8, 2010

As he would say:  "Never stop chasing".

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